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Luis Perdomo tied an MLB record today.

Padres starter Luis Perdomo tied the record for most triples in a season by a pitcher.

MLB: San Diego Padres at San Francisco Giants
Luis Perdomo: two-way player.
Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

In today’s season finale, Luis Perdomo turned in his typical seven-inning, four earned run performance on the mound, but he did this one extraordinary thing:

By hitting his fourth triple of the season, Perdomo tied Robin Roberts’ all-time record for triples by a pitcher. Roberts set that record for the Phillies in 1955, an era when pitchers weren’t nearly as specialized as they are now. Today, pitchers often don’t touch a bat for several years as they move up through the minors, and when they’re pressed into action for a National League team, they’re mainly tasked with laying down sacrifice bunts. It’s nice to see guys who take the #PitchersWhoRake hashtag seriously.

With this triple, Luis Perdomo finished the 2017 season with five total hits: four triples and a double. Who needs singles, anyway? Also, let this serve as yet another reason why the designated hitter needs to stay the heck away from the National League.