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The Friar's Hat Stash

Down A Padres Uni Rabbit Hole

An iconic Padres wordmark has found its way onto other team uniforms.

2018 GLB Gift Guide - Hats

It’s the last week before Christmas and SD Hat Guy has you covered if you’re looking to gift a cap.

2018 All Star Game Caps

What will Brad Hand don for the All Star Game festivities?

San Diego Padres Color Prism Collection

A new cap collection makes a splash of color.

Fort Wayne TinCaps Debut New Unis

The new look debuts today.

Padres Jackie Robinson Day Cap

So what’s going on with the Jackie Robinson Day caps?

Padres affiliates to play for La Copa de la Diversión

The "Fun Cup" rebrands our favorite MiLB teams.

2018 Special Events Caps and Jerseys

It’s time for the annual reveal of this year’s Special Events caps and jerseys!

From San Diego to Montreal

There are some interesting parallels between the San Diego Padres and Montreal Expos.

Padres Uniform Survey: The Results

Survey says...time to change!

Padres Uniform Survey 2017

I want your opinion on what the Padres should do for their uniform set.

Closer Look: 2017 Padres Player’s Weekend Hat

A closer look at the cap our Padres will be wearing this weekend in Miami.

Best Padres Jersey Wordmark

Which Padres jersey font really is best?

Gaslamp Ball Book Club: Game Worn Guide to San Diego Padres Jerseys

William F. Henderson’s e-book is a hefty visual compendium on all things MLB and Padres uniform related.

Closer Look: Padres All-Star Game & Home Run Derby Hats

Brad Hand will wear one, while the other...just exists.

Closer Look: 2017 Padres TBTC 80s Cap

The Padres will be rocking this classic in Philadelphia.

Best Padres Uniform Patch

Which Padres sleeve patch is the best?

2017 Padres Father’s Day Hat

One of the most popular caps last year returns in a new iteration.

TFHS Special: SD Hat Collectors x Billion Creation

A dream realized: here’s the long-awaited collaboration between my collective and Billion Creation!

Closer Look: 2017 Padres Memorial Day Hat

This year's Memorial Day hat is a serious departure from years past.

Closer Look: 2017 Padres Mother’s Day Hat

Here’s the cap our Padres will be wearing all weekend in celebration of mothers.

2017 Spring Training - Batting Practice - Friday Alternate

We’ll take a closer look at the rather unheralded Spring Training/Batting Practice cap and the beloved Friday Alternate.

2017 Padres On-Field Caps

While we’ve seen these caps before, there are a few new details in store for the caps our Padres will wear in 2017.

Prototype Padres

The Padres could have looked really different in 1985.

Redesigning the Padres

Can a couple cap collectors come up with a better design for our Padres?

TFHS: Colorway Update

A recent uniform reveal may lead to an answer for the 2017 Padres colorway.

Padres & Colorways

What colors will the 2017 Padres don next season?

TFHS: Restoration and Modification

Let’s bring a cap back from the dead and modify a cap for our own purposes.


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