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Talking Friars Podcast

All episodes of the Gaslamp Ball podcast, Talking Friars, hosted by Ben Fadden, bringing you Padres news, analysis, reaction, and interviews throughout the year.

Talking Friars Ep. 287: Kodai Senga wants immediate contender + who would Padres trade Jackson Merrill for?

Plus, new names are on this year’s Hall of Fame ballot

Talking Friars Ep. 286: Jose Abreu in contact with Padres + Kodai Senga visits six teams

Are the Padres the favorites for Kodai Senga or Jose Abreu?

Talking Friars Ep. 285: Padres Meet With Senga + Alfaro Non-Tendered

Plus, are the Padres actually interested in a top shortstop?

Talking Friars Ep. 284: Manny Machado does NOT win NL MVP

He deserved it though

Talking Friars Ep. 283: Jon Schaeffer Talks Padres Needs, Manny Machado’s MVP chances

Plus, we talk about what our dream offseason would look like

Talking Friars Ep. 282: Nick Martinez’s contract details are out + Pirates a trade partner for the Padres?

Martinez’s contract is interesting

Talking Friars Ep. 281: Padres bring back Nick Martinez!

The Padres bring back one of their 2022 MVPs

Talking Friars Ep. 280: Hitting coach leaves Padres + Rizzo no longer an option

Was Rizzo your most wanted free agent?

Talking Friars Ep. 279: What’s holding up Nick Martinez’s potential deal with the Padres?

Plus, Jim Bowden has a couple interesting Padres offseason predictions

Talking Friars Ep. 278: 11 Padres Free Agent Starting Pitcher Options

There’s a lot of arms out there

Talking Friars Ep. 277: What could a Nick Martinez deal look like for the Padres?

Martinez opted out yesterday before the deadline

Talking Friars Ep. 276: Robert Suarez surprisingly is back + Padres considering moving Tatis to 2B, signing deGrom?

Plus, Nick Martinez has made his player option decision

Talking Friars Ep. 275: Preller & Boras speak at GM meetings + Alfaro reportedly not on Padres in 2023

Where will Alfaro land?

Talking Friars Ep. 274: Is Anthony Rizzo a “perfect” fit for the Padres?

Plus, Nick Martinez hasn’t made a player option decision yet

Talking Friars Ep. 273: Suarez, Profar and Myers hit free agency + Jose Abreu on Preller’s wish list?

Plus, there’s a new hypothetical Shohei Ohtani trade out there

Talking Friars Ep. 260: Reacting to A.J. Preller and Bob Melvin’s end-of-season press conference

There was some news that came out of that press conference today

Talking Friars Ep. 259: Jim Russell Talks Disappointing End to Padres Season

We also touch on Trent Grisham’s future in CF

Talking Friars Ep. 258: Padres lose heartbreaking Game 5 as 2022 season ends

Wow. Just wow

Talking Friars Ep. 257: Padres give up 4 HR, lose Game 4 to Phillies

It was essentially a must-win game for the Friars

Talking Friars Ep. 256: Padres fall 4-2 to the Phillies in Game 3

That was a heartbreaking ending

Talking Friars Ep. 255: Padres 3B Manny Machado & LF Jurickson Profar snubbed of Gold Glove nominations

Manny not being a finalist is a joke

Talking Friars Ep. 254: Padres come back from four run deficit to even NLCS at 1!

Austin had bragging rights over his brother Aaron

Talking Friars Ep. 253: Padres get 1 hit vs. Phillies in NLCS Game 1 loss

It was a great pitcher’s duel in San Diego

Talking Friars Ep. 252: Previewing Padres vs. Phillies NLCS with WIP’s Joe Giglio

The Phillies are coming into San Diego hot

Talking Friars Ep. 251: Padres end Dodgers season and are headed to the NLCS!!!

They aren’t the little brothers anymore

Talking Friars Ep. 250: Grisham homers again + Padres are one win away from the NLCS!

It was an amazing atmosphere at Petco Park!

Talking Friars Ep. 249: Padres even up NLDS with Game 2 win over the Dodgers!

It felt like a must-win for Yu Darvish and the Padres tonight

Talking Friars Ep. 248: Padres lose 5-3 to the Dodgers in Game 1

Mike Clevinger didn’t have his best night

Talking Friars Ep. 247: WFAN’s Evan Roberts reacts to his Mets losing to the Padres in NL Wild Card Series

Mets fans aren’t happy...

Talking Friars Ep. 246: Musgrove dominates, Padres move past the Mets in NL Wild Card series!

The Padres will get a home playoff game!

Talking Friars Ep. 245: Reacting to the Padres 7-3 Game 2 loss to the Mets

The Padres couldn’t finish the job tonight

Talking Friars Ep. 244: Padres Hit 4 Homers, Blowout the Mets in Game 1

Josh Bell got it going in the first!