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Gaslamp Ball Guidelines

Gaslamp Ball is a community primarily for San Diego Padres fans. It's a safe place for fans to root for their team. Any comments posted or read on the site should be considered with that context in mind.

The site managers (Dex and jbox ) make no apologies for giving preferential treatment to Padres fans or to established readers and friends of the site.

Be nice. Do not be obscene, attack, name call, insult or act condescendingly towards others.

Refrain from discussing politics, religion, or other divisive topics.

Unapproved solicitation, flame baiting and trolling the Gaslamp Ball community will not be tolerated. It is completely up to the site managers' discretion as to what warrants a banning BUT...

No racism, sexism, homophobia or discrimination based on religion will be tolerated on our site. Ever. PERIOD.

Thanks for your cooperation. Go Padres!