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OOTP Padres

OPEN THREAD: OOTP Padres vs. Mets, Wild Card Playoff

OOTP Padres: Playoffs are here!

A look back at the season and a look forward to a 1-game playoff vs. the NY Mets.

OOTP Padres: Playoffs are coming!

A big change to the team stopped a slump and has them cruising towards October.

OOTP Padres: 12 straight & a poll!

Which fake Padres do you most want to watch?

OOTP21 Padres: Damn the Dodgers

The Dodgers are alive and the Padres are trying their best to stay at the top of the NL West.

OOTP21 Padres: Issues in the Outfield

OOTP21 Padres:  A form of meditation

When playing through every at-bat of a fake baseball season, patience is valuable. It’s also learned.

OOTP21 Padres: Things take a turn for the worse

What the hell happened to the (virtual) Padres over the weekend? Nothing good!

Simulating the 2020 Padres season using a video game

Simulating the 2020 Padres season using OOTP21