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Jake Cronenworth earns NL Player of the Week

Rightfully deserved.

Padres close AZ series with victory, beat D-backs 5-4


Padres Game Thread 6/27/21: Diamondbacks @ Padres

Moving on! Nothing to see here!

Padres Game Thread 6/25/21: Diamondbacks @ Padres

Can the Friars maintain this momentum?

Padres homer past Dodgers, complete sweep with 5-3 decision

Eat it, L.A.

Padres Game Thread 6/23/21: Dodgers @ Padres

Let’s have some fun and complete this sweep, huh?

Padres take series, edge Dodgers 3-2

That’s what I’m talking about!

Padres Game Thread 6/22/21: Dodgers @ Padres

Round two? Yes, please.

Padres stay hot, trounce Dodgers 6-2

Stay hot! Stay hot! Stay hot!

Padres Game Thread 6/21/21: Dodgers @ Padres


Padres complete first 4-game sweep since 2011, top Reds 3-2 in finale


Padres Game Thread 6/19/21: Reds @ Padres


Padres win ‘homer opener’ behind Caratini, Hosmer’s late homers

What a way to welcome back a crowd.

Padres get swept, lose 8-7 to Rockies

Nothing but pain.

Padres Game Thread 6/16/21: Padres @ Mets

Let’s do the damn thing.

Darvish, Padres fold against Rockies 8-4

Seriously, this can stop at any time.

Padres Game Thread 6/14/21: Padres @ Rockies

Easy stretch now, Friars.

Padres rebound in series finale with 7-3 victory over Mets

Gotta win one to begin a win streak.

Padres Game Thread 6/13/21: Padres @ Mets

Can we get some semblance of positivity out of today?

Padres Game Thread 6/12/21: Padres @ Mets

Time to fight like hell.

Padres lose third-straight, come up short in 3-2 loss to Mets

More pain.

Padres Game Thread 6/11/21: Padres @ Mets

Let’s get this offense going, huh?

Cubs continue to homer past Padres 3-1 for series win

Man, more pain.

Padres Game Thread 6/9/21: Cubs @ Padres


Padres slip in Game 2, lose to Cubs 7-1


Padres Game Thread 6/8/21: Cubs @ Padres

Keep the pressure one.

Padres get first taste of revenge in 9-4 handling of Cubs

That’s what we’re talking about.

Padres split Mets series with 6-2 decision


Padres Game Thread 6/6/21: Mets @ Padres

Tim to take hit home.

Padres rebound with 4-3 victory over Mets in Game 1

Needed that one!

Padres Game Thread 6/3/21: Mets @ Padres

Fresh start!

Kim, Pham injuries add salt to wound as Padres get swept by Cubs

More pain.