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Padres recall Jabari Blash as Hunter Renfroe hits the DL. Also, Kirby Yates to paternity list, Jose Valdez recalled.

MLB: San Diego Padres at Arizona Diamondbacks
This is what the little guy on the top of little league trophies should look like.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

As the Padres prepare for tonight’s return from the All-Star break, the team has announced a couple of roster moves:

Renfroe’s neck tightened after taking a swing in his last game, and apparently it’s still giving him trouble. Taking his spot on the roster is hashtag hero Jabari Blash, who has done what he does in AAA since being sent down: crush horsehide into orbit. He’s hit 16 homers and 13 doubles while posting an OPS over 1.000 in 51 games with El Paso since being optioned on May 9th.

As for the other news, Kirby Yates has been a pleasant surprise to say the least, posting a 1.93 ERA through 30 games since being claimed off the soup line (okay, the waiver wire). Boy, talk about found money. The Padres’ other former Angel reliever, Jose Valdez, hasn’t been quite as stellar. Seven earned runs across nine innings with the MLB team has been tough to watch, but now he has a chance to chip away at the 7.00 ERA. In the meantime, best wishes to the Yates family as they expect the birth of a child, which is a little more important than a baseball game.

In celebration of another round of #blashtags, I’ve penned a tune to the melody of a familiar AC⚡DC song:

AC/DC Performs At Dodger Stadium Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

His hittin’s back,
Hunter hurt his neck, so Jabari’s back,
Yes, he’s let loose!
Tell the Goose.
El Paso he’s been knocking it around,
He’s been looking at the sky
'Cause he’s lauchin' them high
Forget the K’s 'cause he’s got a great eye,
He got a full count,
Knock em’ out,
Bruisin’ every pitcher and running wild,
'Cause he’s back,
Yes, he’s back,
Well, he’s back,
Yes, he’s back,
Hit ‘em back, back, back, back,
Well, Blash is back,
Yes, Blash is back!