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Welcome to Gaslamp Ball!

We’re so excited to have you!


Hello, and welcome to Gaslamp Ball! We’re thrilled to have you join us here in our little corner of the internet, where we talk about Padres baseball with other Padres fans.

If you’re new to GLB, we’d like to make things as welcoming and comfortable for you as possible so you can start getting involved and joining our discussions. The following are some helpful things for you to know.

Social Media

Twitter: @gaslampball

Facebook: Gaslamp Ball

Instagram: @sbngaslampball


Gaslamp Ball was born back in 2005 as one of the first blogs under the SB Nation banner. It was started by a trio of friends - Dex, jbox, and Kev - all huge Padres fans, born and raised in San Diego, looking to talk baseball with other Padres fans. For a long time, the three of them managed GLB by themselves (with help from another friend, Jonny Dub). But eventually, they decided to expand and invited some of the regulars to join the writing staff.

Twelve years later our staff has seen lots of changes, but we continue to strive to bring you informative and entertaining Padres content on a daily basis, here on the site as well as on our social channels. We are:

Managers: jbox (@gaslampball) and jodes (@jodes0405)

Editor: Joe Lanek (@TheThinGwynn)

Staff writers: Wonko (@WonkoSD), Darklighter (@gdarklighter), daveysapien (@villawav), SD Hat Guy (@SDHatGuy), and roydjt (@Zippy_TMS)

Feel free to follow us at our Twitter handles above. Our SB Nation profiles and email addresses can also be found on the Masthead.


The easiest way to contact us is to hit us up at our Twitter handles above or shoot an email to jbox ( or jodes ( You can also message us on our Facebook page or leave anonymous tips in our Tip Jar.


Jbox wrote these guidelines for Gaslamp Ball in 2005, and they continue to be the guidelines we follow today:

The site managers [jbox and jodes] make no apologies for giving preferential treatment to Padres fans or to established readers and friends of the site.

Be nice. Do not be obscene, attack, name call, insult or act condescendingly towards others.

Refrain from discussing politics, religion or other divisive topics.

Unapproved solicitation, flame baiting and trolling the Gaslamp Ball community will not be tolerated. It is completely up to the site managers' discretion as to what warrants a banning BUT...

No racism, sexism, homophobia or discrimination based on religion will be tolerated on our site. Ever. PERIOD.

Thanks for your cooperation. Go Padres!

You can also find a copy of SB Nation’s Community Guidelines here. Any violation of these guidelines are subject to comment deletion, warning, or even a temporary or permanent ban from the site, as determined by our moderators (jbox, jodes, and Joe).

Sign up

Signing up and creating an SB Nation username will allow you to do more than just read the articles we post. You will be able to interact in the comments, create your own Fanposts or Fanshots (more on that later), and more. Just click “Sign Up” at the top right corner of the site and fill out the needed information.

NOTE: There may or may not be a 24-hour waiting period between the time you sign up and the time you are able to make your first comment. Sometimes we implement this waiting period to prevent spammers from infiltrating the comments.


Once you have your username set up, you can jump into the comments. Not only do we encourage you to make your own comments, but you can interact with other people’s comments by replying, recommending, or even flagging when appropriate.

If you are logged in, you will see a number of options at the bottom of each comment that allows you to interact with it. If you like a particular comment, you can “rec” it. When a comment gets five or more recs, it turns green and stands out amongst the others to let people know it was a good comment.

On the other hand, if you feel a comment is out of line or violates our aforementioned guidelines, you can “flag” it, and our site moderators will be able to see and take appropriate action.

The top right corner of each blog post will tell you how many comments have been made on that post, as well as how many of those comments are new to you (as long as you are logged in).

Fanposts and Fanshots

Another great feature of our site is the ability for YOU to not only share your thoughts in the comments, but to create your own Fanposts and Fanshots.

If you ever have a Padres/baseball-related story you want to tell, some team-related news that we missed, or an opinion on something that you want to express in more than just a comment, you can write a Fanpost. Anyone who has an SB Nation username can write a Fanpost, and we might even promote it on our front page and social channels. To learn more, check out our handy Fanpost Guide here.

If you don’t have a whole lot to say, but you have a link, tweet, picture, video, or something else you’d like to share, you can do so with a Fanshot. Learn how to do that with our Fanshot tutorial.

If you’ve made it through all the information above, bless you. We hope you stick around, get involved, and become a regular in our community. We’re excited to get to know you! Here is a Welcome Basket for you with even more info and fun things you can check out to get to know Gaslamp Ball a little more.

Thanks again for joining us, and GO PADRES!!