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GLB Editorials

The Braves have been stripped of a dozen prospects. Does this mean anything for the Padres?

In the wake of a sweeping set of penalties laid down by the Commissioner’s Office for shady practices, the Braves have been forced to release a dozen prospects, including some of their top talent. Can the Padres benefit from this?

Padres Uniform Survey: The Results

Survey says...time to change!

Padres Uniform Survey 2017

I want your opinion on what the Padres should do for their uniform set.

Wil Myers to make adjustments

Chief among Wil’s concerns are the mental aspects to his game.

Petco Park to install extended netting to improve fan protection.

Baseball is all fun and games until someone gets hurt. The Padres are joining others in improving fan safety by expanding the protective netting around the infield.

Signing Shohei Ohtani

Is it likely the Padres have a shot at signing an international two-way superstar?

Crystal Ball: Projecting the 2018 roster - Starting & Relief Pitching

The Padres have a bunch of talented arms with a bunch of question marks on their major & minor league rosters. Moves will be made, but let’s try to make some sense out of what’s on the table right now.

MLB Umpires Protest Verbal Abuse

Umpires across the league staged a weekend-long silent protest in reaction to “escalating verbal abuse” from players.

Crystal Ball: Projecting the 2018 roster - the Position Players

The Padres are fielding a young team of talented players, and we’ve seen contributions from a broad group of kids. Who might we expect to see manning the positions around the field next spring?

Yesterday’s Pirates-Padres game may be a glimpse of our future

The Pirates are a small market team, and they’re on the verge of contention. The Padres hope to be in this same place in a few years.

Padres manager Andy Green got pissed off for the right reasons

The umpires mishandled two situations in today’s game

Gaslamp Poll: Did the Padres play their Hand right?

Place your vote and speak your mind. Did the Padres make the right move in holding on to their premium reliever?

Craig Stammen has been better than you think

The veteran righty reliever is having an impressive comeback season for the Padres and should be a valuable trade asset.

Padres-Royals Trade: Important Takeaways

The Padres traded away three MLB’ers in Cahill, Buchter, and Maurer, for some players that aren’t impressive on the surface. There are some important elements to this trade that should not be overlooked.

Padres Fan Confidence Poll

How confident are you in the Padres current direction on the field?

Padres radio coverage is inadequate and lame.

If the Padres want to promote their brand, they need media talking about them.

POLL! Hedges - Rizzo: What’s the proper recourse?

Come vote for what you’d like to see happen after last night’s game.

It’s Not Your Fault.

A realization of why Padres fans mix eras and colors.

Why I’m a fan of the Padres, and always have been

Once a Padre, always a Padre.

Padres owner Ron Fowler needs to stop talking

He has a perpetual case of foot-in-mouth disease.

The Padres are the least villainous team in MLB

Does that make us heroes, or just not hated?

Padres Opening Day: How to get excited about a bad team

The Friars are going to be very, very bad this year, but there’s hope for the future.

MLB’s first season promo is super dull

And not just because it doesn’t feature any Padres.

All baseball should be like the World Baseball Classic

This game is way better when people are having fun.

Doubling Down On The Padres

What will you do when a team you’re a fan of departs?

Alexi Amarista is non-tendered; life is pain

Is this the end of the A.J. Preller era?

Or is this just another blunder for the Padres and their GM?

I'm going to miss Andrew Cashner

All-Star merch sales will have no impact on Padres

Padres fans impressed at All-Star Game

Dispelling the myth of the casual San Diego sports fan.