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Gaslamp Ballmanac

Information about the Padres based on seasons, tides, phases of the moon, etc.

The youngest Padres player each season

The 2018 title is a wide-open contest.

The oldest Padres player each season

Who will be that guy this year?

Padres attendance down 9%

The Padres' two-hit win was quite the rarity

Padres attendance is down

Padres shutout for the first time

Padres attendance is down

Padres are 33-12 on May 31st

Padres have never won back-to-back 1-0 games

Padres face their meat grinder game today

Padres 2016 Potential Milestones

The annual sneak peek at what individual career and franchise milestones and records could be set this coming season.

Not the worst start to a Padres season... yet

Pads have been shutout 19 times

Can Padres win 88 games this season?

Pads only have losing record against 4 opponents

Padres could break franchise grand slam record

The 2015 squad is on pace to finish the season one grand slam shy of the franchise record.