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Game Threads

Padres vs. Giants - 10/3/2021

Let’s wrap up the 2021 season.

Padres vs. Giants - 10/2/2021

It’s the penultimate game of the season for the Padres.

Padres vs. Giants - 10/1/2021

Pedro Avila makes his MLB debut.

Padres vs. Dodgers - 9/30/2021

Can the Padres avoid the sweep?

Padres vs. Dodgers - 9/29/2021

Can the Padres get back to .500?

Padres vs. Dodgers - 9/28/2021

Can the Padres stay above .500?

Braves vs. Padres - 9/24/2021

The Braves and Padres meet for a "doubleheader" tonight.

Giants vs. Padres - 9/23/2021

Can the Padres avoid the sweep?

Giants vs. Padres - 9/22/2021

Can the Padres snap their losing streak?

Giants vs. Padres - 9/19/2021

The series opener!

Padres vs. Cardinals - 9/19/2021

Can the Padres salvage a game today?

Padres vs. Cardinals - 9/17/2021

Game 1 of the weekend series vs. St. Louis.

Padres vs. Giants - 9/16/2021

Can the Padres get out of the series with a split?

Padres vs. Giants - 9/15/2021

Game 3 of the four-game set.

Padres vs. Giants - 9/14/2021

Game 2 of the series!

Padres vs. Giants - 9/13/2021

Can the Padres gain in the NL Wild Card race tonight?

Padres vs. Dodgers - 9/12/2021

Can the Padres avoid the sweep?

Padres vs. Dodgers - 9/11/2021

Can the Padres get back in the win column tonight?

Angels vs. Padres - 9/8/2021

Come chat Padres at GB!

Angels vs. Padres - 9/7/2021

Come spend your Tuesday night at GB!

Astros vs. Padres - 9/5/2021

Can the Padres win the series?

Astros vs. Padres - 9/4/2021

Saturday night baseball!

Astros vs. Padres - 9/3/2021

The Astros are in town.

Padres vs. Diamondbacks - 9/1/2021

Can the Padres sweep the D-Backs?

Padres vs. Diamondbacks - 8/31/2021

Can the Padres make it two in a row?

Padres vs. Diamondbacks - 8/30/2021

Can the Padres grab a win in the desert tonight?

Padres vs. Angels - 8/27/2021

Can the Pads get back at it tonight?

Dodgers vs. Padres - 8/25/2021

Can the Padres rebound from last night’s loss?

Phillies vs. Padres - 8/22/2021

The rubber match.

Phillies vs. Padres - 8/20/2021

The first of three games this weekend vs. the Phillies.

Padres vs. Rockies - 8/18/2021

Can the Padres salvage a game before heading back home?

Padres vs. Rockies - 8/17/2021

Can the Pads bounce back from last night?


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