Dick Enberg passes away


Padres retired TV play by play man Dick Enberg has passed away at 82.

David Cameron on Hosmer


River Stevens Youtube Channel


Very cool insight on the day to day life of Padre's farm hand River Stevens

Awesome Tony Gwynn art for sale


Sports artist Gypsy Oak has created this amazing work of art with his own Tony Gwynn design, and it is available for purchase. It's never too early to start your holiday shopping, so think about this for one of your loved ones, or for yourself, or for your favorite female Padres blog manager.

Fans Scouting Report 2017


Now hosted at Fangraphs. I hope you guys pitch in like you always have, and evaluate the Padres: Registration required, but free.

Renfroe Destroying AAA upon his return


Sporting a 1.411 OPS over the 10 games he has been back down. Pretty gaudy stats: 20-41 with 8 of the 20 being XBH, including 3 HR's. K:BB is 7:4, wish that was better but nice to see him take out his frustrations in a useful way.

Fangraphs updated prospect lists for NL West


Two new names on the list: Gore (pick) and Baez (plowing through the world). Gone is Paddack, presumably due to surgery.

Carlos Asuaje's homer hit a Pirates fan right in the beans


Carlos Asuaje hit a home run that just barely cleared the rightfield wall at PNC Park. The fan with the (un?)lucky seat had his hands down to protect his jewels until the last moment, when he inexplicably pulled his hands up and exposed the family jewels. The homer appeared to strike him right in the coinpurse, at which time it rebounded onto the field with such velocity that many in attendance questioned whether the ball had, in fact, left the field of play. After a brief review, it was clear that not only had the ball cleared the fence, but it had also struck this poor fellow right in the beans. No word yet on the Padres fan sitting to the gentleman's left, but kudos to him for consoling his friend in a time of great emotional and physical pain.

Interesting Article from Minor League Ball: Rangers Let Fruit Overripen on Vine; Could Preller do the Same?


Article mentions Jurickson Profar and D.J. Gallo as top prospects that were kept even though they were redundant and eventually their market crashed. Would A.J. be prone to same mistakes as Padre GM?

Padres place Austin Hedges on 7-day DL


After being hit in the face mask and then missing three straight games, Hedges is heading to the 7-day concussion DL.