Peavy talks about how he's altered his approach since he was a Padre


"If you look at guys that have pitched a long time, they’re able to not reinvent themselves, but find different ways to go about it as the game is changing, to change with it. That’s what I’m trying to do."

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[Padres] want Jackson or Gonzalez, pref in that order. I asked about Oramas and Roach and he said that was too rich. I told him we were looking for affordable pop at 1B and SP and he mentioned Blanks/Guzman/Medica as guys they would consider moving. He also said they possibly have Stultz available.

10 Months of Astros trade talks leaked



The only way you could hate the Padres is if you're a Cubs fan who is still bitter about 1984. Or if you hate Tony Gwynn. How could you hate Tony Gwynn? He's a fat little hitting machine with a voice like Mickey Mouse. What are you, some kind of monster?

Drew Magary, Deadspin

1990 LA Times article


However, this notion of navy blue does not sit well. Colors, to me, are as big a part of a team's identity as the nickname.

Padres Swing Into Spring in Navy Blue - Los Angeles Times Cap Tip: @VocalMinoritySD



Suppose Huston Street were to achieve a level of greatness in a padres uniform that would earn him getting a street in San Diego named after him. Would it be called Huston Street? or Street Street?

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Lukas is far harsher on the Padres than I am, probably because he (justifiably) misses the great early '80s garb. I'm in the minority on this, I suspect, but I'll confess to be a sucker for the military alternate uniforms. Sometimes I wonder if they should just make them their primary road jerseys.

Ranking all the uniforms of Major League Baseball. | : Will Leitch Article

Smartphone cover giveaway Saturday 7/13 models announced


I got a Friar Wire email today which announced which phone models the smartphone cover giveaway will include. iPhone 4/4s/5 Galaxy S 3/4 This is for the first 25,000 fans on Saturday 7/13

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Padres' turnaround begins with pitching, timely hitting


"We're in the middle of June and in the race," Byrnes said. "I do think we're competitive."

Padres' turnaround begins with pitching, timely hitting | News

Is Tony Gwynn rooting for the Padres or Strasburg?


Well he's going against my team. Hey I'm a Padre fan first. I love Strassy, but I'm going for us. Hey I hope he pitches well, but maybe the Padres win the game. That's the bottom line for me.

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Jerry Coleman on Jackie Robinson


"I've said that 100 times,'' Coleman said. "Robinson was the guy who led the path at a national level. He was years before Martin Luther King. Can you imagine what that felt like for Robinson?''

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