The Washington Natinals


They're so bad, the tailor doesn't know their name. Poor Strasburg.

Analysts On Drugs


Padres Run down gives it to Baseball Tonight with some REAL analysis ;)

POSTGAME on Channel 4: Padres Rap... for real.


Jenny Cavnar posted Mitch Canham's rap "San Diego (Where You at?)"

Heath Bell On Baseball Tonight


For those of you who haven't heard this yet. I wasn't sure if the boxman would link this up tomorrow, so here it is.

50 People to Watch in 2009 - Chrissy Russo


Chrissy Russo listed as one of the 50 people to watch. Don't mind if I do. John Moores listed too, pass on that one.

It's cool guys, another Strasburg is on the way


Patrick Schuster has thrown 3 noeys in a row.

Gerut donates bat to Hall of Fame


"You want this? Man, this is a lousy bat, go right ahead," he told a Hall official after the game, according to the Hall’s Web site.

Heath Bell Interview (MP3)


"I'm not going to say this, but alright I guess I am. The Mets are, they're really not a team. You know, they're still out there with a bunch of great players and they're a bunch of individuals."