Meet Friar Pup, the cutest new member of The Franciscan Monastery

We present to you Carmelo, the newest, cutest monk of The Franciscan Monastery of Cochabamba, Bolivia. Carmelo has also been given the formal name Friar Bigotón, which fittingly translates to "Friar Mustache".

El Paso Chihuahuas make New York Times crossword


So I was doing the Saturday crossword, and who should appear but the Padres' AAA affiliate!

Start Sewing That 10-letter Last Name


The Padres are about to get a SS.

Old-timey Swinging Friar


Anyone know the origin of this picture? I can't seem to find anything about it online. It looks 40s-50s era so it might be from the PCL Padres days. Could the current Swinging Friar have been modeled after this guy?

The Padres boy holding a burrito!


And this! The Padres boy holding a burrito! Only one available now. Will make more if people seem to like it. そしてこのデザインも。今のところ一枚のみ。そのうち人気があれば作ります。

Spotted Padre hat


This should be a series. Big link

La Mascotte

99% Invisible - Episode 151: La Mascotte Do you have 18 minutes and 44 seconds to listen to a brief history of baseball mascots?

Amarista Signs a Two-Year Contract


$2.5mm for two years. I'm glad to see the Little Ninja will stay around for a while!

Happy birthday, Yas!


Padres C/1B Yasmani Grandal turns 26 today. (Photo by Denis Poroy/ Getty Images)