This probably won't improve the bullpen


Ross and Lyles Lost on Waivers


Potentially trying to sneak them through for post-deadline trades, AJ allowed them be claimed by the Cardinals and Brewers, respectively.

Fowler: Padres May Return to Brown


Owner discusses 'exhaustive' fan focus-group testing about color scheme on podcast

Dick Enberg passes away


Padres retired TV play by play man Dick Enberg has passed away at 82.

David Cameron on Hosmer


River Stevens Youtube Channel


Very cool insight on the day to day life of Padre's farm hand River Stevens

Awesome Tony Gwynn art for sale


Sports artist Gypsy Oak has created this amazing work of art with his own Tony Gwynn design, and it is available for purchase. It's never too early to start your holiday shopping, so think about this for one of your loved ones, or for yourself, or for your favorite female Padres blog manager.

Fans Scouting Report 2017


Now hosted at Fangraphs. I hope you guys pitch in like you always have, and evaluate the Padres: Registration required, but free.