About a week late but I found an animated gif of ODog's 2 out gaffe.


About a week late but I found an animated gif of ODog's 2 out gaffe.

Mike Adams interview


Here's Mike Adams reaction to the trade.'s Prospect of the Day: Joe Wieland


Nice article about one of the two new Padres...or should I say Missions? I can't get over these guys and their K/BB ratios. Read up.

Trevor's 51 retirement ceremony moved to pre-game 8/21


Just swapped tickets to go to this game, even though it is against the Marlins. Probably better to be before, I think.

Clayton Richard Done


NCTs Dan Hayes reporting Clayton Richard done for year

1998 highlight reel


Hard to say what was "better" 1984, or 1998. But for my money 1998 was harder fought. 1984 we came back from a huge deficit, but the Cubs are talented playoff losers. Garvey is a Dodger and general ass of a person involved in financial scams and being one step removed from a con-artist. The 1998 Padres had to defeat a Randy Johnson lead Astros team, and dispatch the Braves in their prime (though they themselves were a special type of playoff choker). I remember watching these games so intently, and loving how Sterling Hitchcock dismantled everyone.

Is Rizzo The New Hee-Seop Choi?


A response to a Buster Olney tweet about Rizzo: "Rival evaluator on Anthony Rizzo:"My concern(for SD) is that he is Hee-Seop Choi. Any fastball that starts with a '9' is a problem for him."

Best Moment on Television EVER


I was thinking today about Television. What was my single favorite moment in Television; All-Time. It would have to be Top of the 5th inning of Game 1 of the 1998 World Series when Tony Gwynn Homered off the first pitch delivered by David Wells to give the Padres a 4-2 lead, followed up by Greg Vaughn sending THE NEXT F'ing PITCH out of Yankee Stadium as well. I remember every inch of me tingling. I was in tears watching Tony's fat ass round the bases. I remember cursing and swearing in joy. I remember screaming when Vaughny crushed his. I remember giving fully into hope. What happened in the 7th inning is well documented, but no one can take that Top of the 5th, as a moment, away from me or Padres fans in general as a great moment in sports.