Padres implimenting "dynamic ticket pricing", also known as gouge fans on popular game days...


Looks like the Padres have decided to join one of the lame new trends in MLB ticket modeling by using the so called "dynamic pricing" scheme. Which for those that doesn't know means that the Pads will highly over inflate ticket prices on game days where desirable opponents or pitchers are in town like the Dodgers, Giants, Phillies, etc... and will, if they do it right, drop prices when no so popular teams like the Pirates and Nationals come to town.

PADRES COLLEGE NIGHT! Hosted/Created by: Brooke Griffin (via Griffinsdsu01)


PADRES COLLEGE NIGHT! Hosted/Created by: Brooke Griffin (via Griffinsdsu01)

TV deal info - nothing new

Beginning this season, the games are expected to air on a new channel, Fox Sports San Diego, though the agreement in principle between the club and the network has yet to be finalized, formalized or announced. Still, sources familiar with the plans expect the Padres’ April 5 opener against the Dodgers to be seen on the new network. Nothing new here, although this is the first article I've read that mentions the padres ownership stake.

Padres implementing dynamic ticket pricing


The Padres have become the latest Major League team to implement dynamic pricing for single-game ticket sales. By using advanced computer programming, dynamic pricing will give the team the ability to adjust ticket costs higher or lower based on market demand and such factors as pitching matchups, the team's performance, weather and potential milestones. Dynamic pricing is geared toward giving fans more day-to-day options in 2012. It also allows the Padres to accurately price tickets in a timely fashion.

Fox Sports San Diego website is live....sort of


They have a "coming soon" page now. The domain was created on April 19, 2011 but didn't direct anywhere until now.

Crowdsourcing Broadcasters: San Diego Television | FanGraphs Baseball


FanGraphs wants you to rate Mark Grant and Dick Enberg on their charisma and analysis.

Padres to sign Micah Owings

7 I think it's a good move for depth

Can the san diego padres be a sleeper and win the nl west in the 2012 season? - Yahoo! Answers


There seems to be a consensus on the internet that the Padres don't have a chance.