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Cardboard Corner

Anything about Padres baseball cards, baseball cards and various paper products can be found here.

A Look Back At Kurt Bevacqua

Not that many fans of the Indians, Royals, Pirates, Brewers, or Rangers remember Kurt Bevacqua, even if they saw him play. But ask any Padres fan. They'll tell you who he is.

5 Jedd Gyorko cards that don't exist (but should)

1 Topps Card For Each Year The Padres Have Existed

I thought it would be interesting to take a look at how the Topps base card has evolved since San Diego joined the major leagues in 1969. I went through my collection and picked one Padres card from each year without repeating any players.

Hey, You Guys Remember Callix Crabbe?

5 Alexi Amarista Baseball Cards That Should Exist

Nine Padres Included In 2013 Topps Series 1

Venable and Casey among those featured.

A Look Back At The '96 Padres

A Dozen Or So Padres Haikus

Because that's what grown men do. Write poetry about baseball cards.

It's A Friar Festivus!

Tis the day for the airing of grievances and feats of strength...

Hey, Does Anyone Want Some Free Padres Cards?

The catch? There isn't one; I've just accrued a bunch of doubles.

Ozzie Smith Traded To St. Louis 31 Years Ago Today

In an infamous trade, the Padres traded Ozzie and others for a package consisting most notably of Garry Templeton.

Every Padres Transaction Made On This Date

The Padres have been fairly active on December 6 over the years. Here's a look at all of those moves.

Harold Reynolds, San Diego Padre. Wait, What?

MLB Network's Harold Reynolds is best remembered as a Gold Glover and All Star with Seattle. Some might even recall his season each in Baltimore and Anaheim... but when was he a Padre?

The Sad, Strange Saga Of Craig Stimac

Craig Stimac got into 29 games with the Padres in late '80 and early '81 but that isn't where the story begins or ends.

Broken Heroes On A Last Chance Power Drive

Give us your tired, your old, your one-time superstars yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming rosters.

Benito Santiago, Baserunners' Scourge

Let's take a look back twenty years at a popular young Padres catcher who would eventually get popped for performance enhancing drugs. The more things change...

Why Was Tony Gwynn Wearing Scott Sanders's Jersey?

Tony's 1993 Upper Deck SP card depicts him batting wearing pitcher Scott Sanders's jersey. What's that all about? Was it a practical joke or something much more sinister? Or maybe somewhere in between? Probably that last one, huh?

This Is The Dumbest Thing Ever

Of all the idiotic things I have ever seen on a baseball card, this really takes the cheesecake.

Pinpointing The Picture: When Did That Happen?

In honor of Khalil Greene's 33rd birthday, I determine the date and specific game situation depicted on his Upper Deck rookie card.

Aw, Man, Now I Have To Hate Heath Bell

He seems like a really nice guy and all but I've never rooted for an Arizona Diamondback and I'm not going to start now.

Poll: Should I Open This Tony Gwynn Can Of Cards?

It has remained unopened since it left the factory in 1998. Is there a Padres card hidden inside? Should I damage the can and find out? It's your call!

Oh Doctor! I Finally Got The Colonel's Padres Card

Jerry Coleman was featured on a handful of Topps cards as a Yankee during his playing days but only one from his tenure managing the Padres. I just scratched that card off of my want list.

45 Years, 45 Cards: Happy Birthday, Trevor!

The greatest closer of all time celebrates his cake day today; Gaslamp Ball's Cardboard Corner takes a look back at 45 baseball cards from Trevor Hoffman's 16 year tenure with the San Diego Padres.

Former Friar Turns 66

Four time World Series champion and 1972 W.S. MVP Gene Tenace spent four years with the Padres, from '77 through '80.

Latos Comes Up Big In First MLB Relief Appearance

The former Padre took one for the team, pitching four innings out of the 'pen as part of Dusty Baker's successful patchwork following Johnny Cueto's first inning injury.

Last Day Of The Year: Remembering Rickey's 3000th

On the last day of the 2001 season and of Tony Gwynn's career, Rickey grabbed a piece of the spotlight.

Today's Tony Gwynn: '96 Studio Hit Parade

Die-cut cards were all the rage by 1996 and this insert set was one of the more tasteful offerings.

55 Years Of Craig Leffertsing Around

The crafty lefthander turns V more than L today.

Three Tony Gwynn Cards- Complete With Cameos!

Tony Gwynn had three '88 Fleer issues- pictured alone, with Tim Raines and with Vince Coleman.

Ed Wojna ('87 Topps #88)

Ed Wojna appeared sparingly over three seasons in the mid-'80s with the Padres; the 1987 Topps design is much more memorable.

Cardboard Corner: Happy Birthday, Pat Scanlon!

Pat Scanlon spent the last season of his four year career in Padres brown and yellow. After playing 2 games in 1974, 60 in '75 and 11 in '76 for the Expos, the original Scan-man got into 47 games for the '77 Padres, batting a paltry .190 with a lone

Cardboard Corner: Jack Of All Trades