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Cardboard Corner

Anything about Padres baseball cards, baseball cards and various paper products can be found here.

Happy Birthday, Aki!

Happy 64th Birthday to Randy Jones!

Former Journeyman Jorge Velandia Turns 39

Birthday Card: Dick Kelley

Birthday Cards: Steve Garvey and Jason Lane

Cora Card Chronicles: 1987 Bohemian Hearth Bread

An Abundance of Errors: Jake "Peavey" Rookie Card

Jake Peavy's name is misspelled on his rookie card, but that's only the tip of the error iceberg.

Farewell Card: Anthony Bass, Autographed

10 Things You Didn't Know About Dan Spillner

Is this just an excuse to talk about Henry Rollins? You be the judge.

A Brad Brach Card Because If Not Now, When?

It's purple and shiny. That's, uh, cool?

Sheff Turns 45: Ten Cards of Number Ten

This is the second time in about three weeks that I've compiled a 10-card post on the birthday of someone who wore number 10 with the Padres. Bip Roberts got the treatment for his fiftieth birthday, and now it's Gary Sheffield's turn in honor of his.

Would you let this man coach your kids?

This started out as a post about Dan Briggs's career since it's his birthday, but it wound up being about him yelling at kids.

Birthday Card: Homer Bush Turns 41

That guy was with the Padres?

Happy Birthday, Bip! 50 Years, 10 Cards

Birthday Card: Rich Folkers, Vomit & Mortality

Can You Spot The Error?

You probably can.

The time Joey Cora caught Mark Grant for 2 innings

After Benito Santiago's arm was broken with a pitch, manager Jack McKeon had no one with catching experience available. Our little hero stepped in to save the day.

Cora Card Chronicles: 1991 Fleer

Birthday Card: Jedd Gyorko Turns 25

Josh Geer Leads Missions to Texas League Title

It's a baseball card post, so don't say I didn't warn you.

Birthday Cards: Joey Hamilton & Dan Miceli Turn 43

Birthday Card: Hundley's Heroic Hitting

Five of these cards exist. Here are three of them.

8.5 Will Venable Cards in Honor of His New Deal

One for every million dollars.

Birthday Card: Carlos Quentin Turns 31

Couple of Callix Crabbe Cards

Familiar Face in a Different Place: Trevor Hoffman

Because why wouldn't you want to see a picture of a young Trevor Hoffman jumping rope?

A Cool Card I'm Going To Destroy- Uh, Repurpose

Awesome Card of an Even More Awesome Guy

Tony Gwynn Basketball Cards Are A Thing Now

Do You Remember Alex Cole?

20 Years Ago Today: The Sheffield - Hoffman Trade