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Cardboard Corner

Anything about Padres baseball cards, baseball cards and various paper products can be found here.

Catcher & hero, Officer Dan Walters turns 48 today

Yeison Asencio goes 2-2 in AAA debut

Pinpointing the moment this picture was taken

I did a little investigating and determined precisely when the photograph on this Steve Garvey card was taken.

19 cards of #19

Birthday Card: Ryan Klesko

Hey, that guy never played for the Padres!

Hard-hitting pitcher Mike Corkins turns 68

When exactly did that happen?

Kyle Blanks relic and autographed cards

Two-Term Padre Chris Cannizzaro turns 76

Eric Nolte Birthday Card: Second to one

Eric Nolte and Hall-of-Famer Barry Larkin both turn 50 today. Since you asked, as a matter of fact they have faced each other.

Luis "Oh No" Perdomo turns the big three-oh

Cashner on cardboard: The new stuff

Birthday Cards: "Alexia" Amarista

Don't worry, Topps finally figured out how to spell his name.

Padres Release '09 Second-Rounder Everett Williams

After parts of five seasons in the low minors, 2009 second-round pick Everett Williams has been cut loose by the Padres organization.

Petco Park History: The First Hit

The first game at Petco Park was played nearly a month before the Padres' 2004 home opener.

Birthday Cards: Josh Bard

Blast From The Past: Fall 1992 Topps Magazine

Gary Sheffield, John Kruk, and bad jokes dominate this two-decade-old Topps Magazine.

Birthday Card: Scott Sanders

Birthday Cards: Tim Lollar, Professional Hitter

12 Cards of #12 - Steve Finley Turns 49

Birthday Card: Ed Acosta turns 69 or 70

Former Padres pitcher Ed Acosta was born on this day in 1944... or was it 1945?

Random Cool Card: Jason Thompson and His Surfboard

Jedd Gyorko: Error Magnet

No, not that kind of errors; the kind on baseball cards. For some reason Topps tends toward typos on our Mountaineer's cards.

Birthday Card: 10 Facts About Dave Edwards

It's great to learn 'cause knowledge is power!

Cora Card Chronicles: 1987 Donruss Opening Day

Birthday card: The trade heard 'round the world

One of the players involved in the famed 12-player trade turns 45 today.

Birthday Card: Eric Cyr Turns 35

He pitched poorly in five games, but that isn't the worst part.

Cards That Don't Exist: Alex Torres on 1993 Topps

Former Friar Freddy Guzman Turns 33

John Baker Turns 33 Today

An Envelope Full of Haikus

All 5/7/5, all the time.