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Birthday Card: Ten Facts About Dave Edwards

I know it isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I really enjoy delving into history of unsung Padres. In fact, this makes some people irrationally angry, which makes no sense to me. "DON'T YOU TRY TO FORCE THAT KNOWLEDGE ON ME!" These individuals feel that a Bob Miller or a Callix Crabbe should be ignored and forgotten forever because they didn't hit .338 or save 601 games. However, the blowback I receive from blowhards only strengthens my resolve to come out of my corner swinging hard, peppering them with jabs about Paul Faries and uppercuts about Alex Pelaez. Today I'll be knockin' suckas out with ten facts about Dave Edwards.

  1. Former Friars outfielder Dave Edwards celebrates his sixtieth birthday today. He shares today with fellow Padres alumni Paul McAnulty, Rob Bowen, Dennis Tankersley, and Randy Keisler.
  2. Dave Edwards was acquired from the Twins in a trade for Chuck Baker on December 8, 1980 - the very same day that John Lennon and Darby Crash died.
  3. Edwards made his major league debut September 11, 1978, the same day future Padres pitcher Junior Herndon was making his debut on Earth. Other Padres born on 9/11, albeit in a different year, include Kyle Blanks and Andrew Cashner.
  4. In 167 at-bats spread over 129 games, Edwards hit .204/ .256/ .305 as a Friar. He exhibited a perfect balance of power and speed, hitting three homers and stealing three bases.
  5. All three of his home runs as a Padre were solo shots, including one off of former Padres pitcher Dave Roberts, then with the Mets. However, Edwards does have a grand slam to tell his grandkids about, from back in his days with the Twins.
  6. Two of Dave's brothers also played in the majors. Twin brothers Mike and Marshall, just a year-and-a-half older than Dave, each have a pair of big league homers to their name. Oddly, Mike is right-handed and Marshall is a lefty, and their careers never overlapped, despite both overlapping with Dave's. Mike was a second baseman with Pittsburgh and Oakland from 1977 through 1980, and Marshall was an outfielder with Milwaukee from 1981 through 1983. I enjoy that the one out of the three brothers who isn't a twin is the only one who was a Twin.
  7. Edwards was a seventh-round pick, #169 overall, by the Twins in 1971. Other seventh-rounders that year included Warren Cromartie and future Padres reliever Larry Andersen. The Padres had an atrocious draft that year, with only Dave Freisleben and Mike Caldwell eventually accumulating positive WAR. The Friars also selected Bill Almon in the eleventh round, but he didn't sign. They ended up picking him again three years later, this time with the first overall pick.
  8. After being released by the Padres following the 1982 season, Edwards played two seasons for the Monterrey Sultanes of the Mexican League.
  9. Edwards attended Jefferson High School in Los Angeles. Other Jefferson alum include both of his brothers, 13-year veteran Lee Maye, and 1948 All-Star Al Zarilla.
  10. Dave Edwards made his final major league appearance in the penultimate game of the Padres' 1982 season. He pinch-hit for pitcher Mike Griffin in the fifth inning of a loss to the Braves. Facing Pasqual Perez, Edwards popped up to shortstop Rafael Ramirez.

Happy birthday, Mr. Edwards, if you happen to be reading this (hey, it happens). May your day be great and your cake delicious.