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Cards That Don't Exist: Alex Torres on 1993 Topps

As the newest member of the Padres, Alex Torres will have to wait a while before a card is issued featuring him with the team. So, to tide us over until this fall when Topps Update comes out, I've created a card of sorts. Like the ones I did of Alexi Amarista, Jedd Gyorko, and John Baker, the design is based on an old set. In this case it's 1993 Topps, the first set I actively collected.

Here, as a frame of reference, are a Padres card and a horizontal card from the '93 Topps set:



It's a classic look, old enough now to trigger nostalgia, but more importantly it's simple enough to replicate using only the most basic on MS Paint-ing around. I'd keep talking about it, but my mind is already starting to wander, trying to think of what card I'll put Seth Smith on...