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Cardboard Corner: Happy Birthday, Craig Lefferts!

Here's hoping Craig Lefferts a happy cake day. The two-term Padre reliever turns double-nickels today.

Craig Lefferts is one of the elite brethren who have served two tours of duty with the Padres. Sure, he's no Eddie Williams or Rudy Seanez but two times is still pretty good. I mean, jeez, Tony Gwynn only played for the Padres once. His first tenure began in the championship season of 1984 after he was acquired as part of a three team trade with the Cubs and Expos in the previous offseason. He laced up his asskicking boots as a Friar until getting sent to San Fransisco with Dave Dravecky and noted lunatic Kevin Mitchell in the trade that netted Mud Grant among others. As soon as his contract was up, he hightailed it the hell out of that gosh-forsaken denizen of pretention and signed as a free agent with San Diego before the 1990 season. He performed ably in his second tenure, just more of the same reliable, slightly better than average, business that everyone already knew to expect from him. He was traded to Baltimore mid-'92 for Ricky Gutierrez and went on to pitch for Texas and the then-California Angels before hanging them up after being released weeks before the '94 strike.