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Cardboard Corner: Mat Steps Up

My friends and I just got done watching our Mountaineers take a knee to cement our instant-classic shootout victory over Texas and flipped it over to the Reds game. Wait, what the hell? Why's Mat pitching? Wasn't he supposed to start the third game? My questions were answered as soon as I shut up and stopped asking them as the announcers explained that noted a-hole Johnny Cueto got hurt pitching to the first batter of the game and Dusty Baker improvised. After Sam LeCure tossed a scoreless inning and two thirds, Mat found himself on the mound at the beginning of the third much to the surprise of everyone, himself included. After the game he intimated that "I didn't even have my baseball socks on." He went on to do what he has always done which is slay Giants. He went four innings and gave up just one run on a lucky swing by Jon Heder. One run over four innings is pretty damn impressive even if you know you're going to be pitching; when you do it with no notice on three days of rest that's just balls-y.