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Cardboard Corner: Today's Tony Gwynn

I never got into the whole die-cut cards craze so I only have a few. This Tony Gwynn, however, is one I actually like. I guess I just like the whole record concept.


The back or rather, "Side Two" lists only a few of his 1995 stats- games, at bats, hits and batting average. It also includes splits of his .368 average versus lefties and right handers, home and away, day and night, first pitch and with two strikes (I thought that was a kind of random pairing) along with his average with runners in scoring position. There's also a photo of Tony rocking a Ken Caminiti goatee and one of those sweet bench jackets that I always wanted one of when I was a kid. My copy is number 317 of 5000.

There were sooooo many different songs to choose from to accompany this. For that matter, there are a lot of Bouncing Souls songs about records but this one really seems to... I'm just feelin' it, okay?