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Cardboard Corner: Bell On The Move

The Diamondbacks' acquisition of Heath Bell from the Marlins kind of bummed me out. At least while he was with Miami last year I could wish him success 150-some games a year but all that's off the table now that he's in our division. It's a shame too because he was always a favorite of mine during his time in San Diego; I even had his shirtsey when he was still a setup man. It's going to be weird seeing him in black and Sedona red but I will root against the name on the front of that jersey in every instance regardless of whose name is on the back.

This card just went from "is one of my favorites" to "was one of my favorites". It's a 2011 Topps Update Diamond Anniversary edition and features Bell's signature moment back in better times when he was still our Heath and was doing his best to "put San Diego on the map".