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Cardboard Corner: Tell Me What To Do

So, I've had this can of baseball cards for a while- it was a gift from fellow Gaslamp Baller ABY a couple years back- and it has remained unopened. And just to mention the elephant in the room, yeah, it's a can of baseball cards. In 1997, when the card industry was reaching its, uh, apex of ridiculousness, the powers that be at Pinnacle thought "what the hell" and unleashed Pinnacle Inside on the world.


This particular can is from the second year. I have a Ken Caminiti can (a caniniti?) from '97 that I opened. There weren't any Padres but there was a cool card of Edgar Martinez with a glove on his head [insert DH joke here]. I opened it from the bottom so it would still be shelfworthy. And yes, they're opened with a can opener.


Anyway, my question for you is this: Should I open the Gwynn can or keep it mint? And if I do, should I make a video of it happening and post said video here on teh Gaslamp Balls?