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Cardboard Corner: Colonel Card!

Jerry Coleman's only appearance on a licensed card as a Padre was this 1980 Topps team checklist (number 356) from his lone season as manager of the team. I had been wanting a copy of this for years but never came across a copy in good condition or part of the entire set. It was on the back burner of my mind for a while until I noticed a copy of it during The Colonel's statue unveiling; it's featured on the center panel of the photo-composite triptych behind his statue.


This reminder got me scouting around again for a bit but yet again couldn't find a nice copy by itself on ebay or anywhere else. However, in a rare stroke of good luck I managed to score a near-mint copy of it last week as part of an auction bundle which included 17 other Padres cards. Yay, a winner is me!