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Arts and Crafts

Padres Affiliates Pumpkin

I carved a Padres/Storm/Ems/TinCaps/Missions/Chihuahuas pumpkin.

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Mr. Padre jack-o-lantern wins #PadresPumpkins contest

Check out this amazing Tony the Gwynn pumpkin that won this year's Padres pumpkin contest on Instagram!!

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What to do with an old coffee table...

How To Make A Can Koozy From A Game Worn Jersey

Do you have an old jersey gathering dust in your closet? Do you hate your hand getting cold when you drink beer? Oh, have I got the solution for you.

Gaslamp Ball Pumpkin

Celebrating Halloween Padres-Style

Our season ended three weeks ago, but I still have Padres on my mind.

Basebally Arts & Crafts You Can Display

Display your favorite picture in this Padres retired numbers picture frame!

Basebally Arts & Crafts You Can Wear

Some fun with baseball stitching!

Padres Pillowcase

Paper Baseball Cap

Wondering how to spend the Padres off day? Why not work on your August happiness resolution and do some arts & crafts?

Making a Baseball String Bracelet