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Padres release 2024 giveaway schedule

There are some pretty cool items to get at Petco Park this year!

St. Louis Cardinals v San Diego Padres Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Unlike the Oakland A’s, the San Diego Padres have a ton of giveaways set for the 2024 season, which were announced today by the team.

Below is a full list:

March 29 vs. Giants: Opening Series Hat

April 2 vs. Cardinals: City Connect Poncho

April 10 vs. Cubs: Manny Machado Home Run Bobblehead

April 29 vs. Reds: Knit Beanie (with Removable Pom)

May 11 vs. Rockies: Joe Musgrove & Theo Bobblehead

May 28 vs. Marlins: City Connect Belt Bag

June 6 vs. Diamondbacks: Xander Bogaerts Bobblehead

June 11 vs. A’s: Joe Musgrove Basketball Jersey

June 20 vs. Brewers: 619 Aloha Shirt

June 23 vs. Brewers: Kids Giveaway-Rookie Plush Pillow

June 25 vs. Nationals: Ha-Seong Kim Bobblehead

July 10 vs. Mariners: ‘84 Throwback Hat

August 12 vs. Pirates: Gwynn Henley Jersey

August 20 vs. Twins: Manny Machado Collectible Pin

August 22 vs. Mets: Tatis Jr. City Connect Bucket Hat

August 25 vs. Mets: Kids Giveaway-Padres Tin Lunchbox

September 4 vs. Tigers: City Connect Hoodie

September 18 vs. Astros: Tatis Jr. Platinum Glove Bobblehead