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Padres Reacts Survey: Are the leadership problems actually Bob Melvin’s fault?

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San Diego Padres v Oakland Athletics Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

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Dennis Lin and Ken Rosenthal put out a piece in The Athletic today about problems in the San Diego Padres organization. Manager Bob Melvin was mentioned and his relationship with A.J. Preller is reportedly “unfixable”, according to a player who contributed to the report.

Is this because of Melvin or is this because of the man above him who has been here for almost nine seasons? Cast your vote now!

In my opinion, Melvin is not the one at fault here when it comes to leadership. He took accountability in Oakland over the weekend for the problems but let’s be real. Were there any leadership and culture problems reported from a national reporter like Rosenthal while he was the manager of the Oakland A’s? No.

The problems were reported on when he teamed up with Preller, who is known for being a micromanager and “likes to be in charge of everything”, according to one player who spoke to Lin and Rosenthal in The Athletic.

Today was the second time in three years a piece came out reporting on the problems with Preller and the Padres organization. Melvin wasn’t there in 2021 (he actually was leading an 86-win A’s squad with a $103 million luxury tax payroll), but the problems were happening then too.

This is more on Preller and the players than it is on Melvin. Sure, he deserves some fault here but not very much.

Results to the survey will be posted when they’re available!