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Padres Reacts Survey Results: Would A.J. Preller sell at the deadline if he got a redo?

Preller’s acquisitions of Rich Hill, Ji-Man Choi, Garrett Cooper and Scott Barlow haven’t helped much

MLB: General Manager’s Meetings Lucas Peltier-USA TODAY Sports

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The Gaslamp Ball community was asked this week if they think San Diego Padres general manager A.J. Preller would sell at the trade deadline if he had a redo. The results are here...

64% feels like a high number considering that Preller is someone who has a track record of not selling at previous trade deadlines and instead choosing to go all-in on rosters, which is obviously what he did this year.

Perhaps some fans here voted on what they think Preller should have done now knowing how bad it has worked out but I feel like he truly believed in the talent on his roster so he would’ve done this same thing again.

He probably saw that the Padres wouldn’t have to play amazing baseball the rest of the way (they were three games under .500 at the time) because the other National League Wild Card teams were going to come back to them. Or maybe it’s because he didn’t want to admit this season was a failure in August and Peter Seidler didn’t want to give up on a fan base that had been selling out almost every home game.

But most fans knew this season wasn’t going to amount to anything and it would’ve been better to not waste prime seasons of Blake Snell and Josh Hader. But instead Preller continued to believe in a losing roster and has made the season even worse.