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Saturday night’s win will be remembered regardless of how the Padres season turns out

Last night felt like a playoff game at Petco Park

Los Angeles Dodgers v San Diego Padres Photo by Matt Thomas/San Diego Padres/Getty Images

The San Diego Padres suffered perhaps the worst loss of the season on Friday night, as the bullpen allowed eight runs in the final two innings to the Los Angeles Dodgers on a night that was supposed to end in Robert Suarez and Josh Hader getting the last six outs of the game.

How would they respond? Well, by scoring seven runs of their own in the eighth inning about 24 hours later to finish what felt like a huge comeback win in the moment.

Maybe when we look back on August 5 we will remember it as a huge moment in the Padres season. Or maybe we’ll just look back at it as a memorable moment in a disappointing season. What we do know is it will be remembered and that’s what’s cool about sports.

Not everyone can win every year. Some teams like the Padres never have been able to win and hopefully their time is coming. But memories are created and that’s what made last night cool. The captain Manny Machado—who homered early in the game and then came through with the go-ahead hit—delivered a moment some San Diegans are never going to forget.

The power of sports. What a moment!