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Even Bob Melvin knows it’s over

The Padres manager knows not to look at the standings anymore

MLB: Game One-Arizona Diamondbacks at San Diego Padres Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

The manager of a Major League Baseball team is essentially the spokesperson for the franchise, as they talk to the media twice a day almost every day during the season. So usually the manager tries to convey a positive message even when things are going rough.

San Diego Padres manager Bob Melvin has done that plenty of times this season but he is done with that now. After getting swept by the Milwaukee Brewers on Sunday to fall to a season-worst nine games under .500, Melvin told the media “there’s really no reason to even look at the standings at this point in time.”

The fans have known it is over for at least a week now and Melvin has reached that realization as well. “It’s just, keep playing — keep playing and hope that something breaks that we haven’t been able to do basically the entire season.”

The “something” he’s probably referring to is San Diego winning more than three games in a row, which they haven’t done in 2023 (they’re the only team who hasn’t done it yet).

The Padres would need to go 23-8 to reach 84 wins, which is the expected win total of the Arizona Diamondbacks, who currently hold the final Wild Card spot in the National League. San Diego’s best month this season was July when they went 15-10. 5 games over .500 is nowhere close to 15 over .500.

It’s over. Melvin and his players now are forced to just play out the schedule.