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Padres Reacts Survey Results: What do fans think of Ryan Flaherty?

There’s a report that Ryan Flaherty could be the next manager of the Padres after Bob Melvin. Would he be a good one?

MLB: San Diego Padres at Washington Nationals Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

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The Gaslamp Ball community was asked last week if they think Ryan Flaherty would be a good manager if he was selected as the next skipper of the San Diego Padres. The results are here...

The percentage being that low isn’t shocking at all. Flaherty has no substantial big league managing experience—he’s only filled in as an interim manager—so having him replace a guy who’s already respected by the clubhouse doesn’t make sense and shouldn’t happen.

No disrespect to Flaherty but Padres fans don’t deserve to have to go through another rookie manager that is A.J. Preller’s guy. Andy Green didn’t work. Jayce Tingler didn’t work. And Melvin has worked better than them despite San Diego disappointing this season. After all, they did make it to the NLCS in his first season as the manager of the team.

Perhaps Flaherty will be a manager at some point and maybe it’s even for this team but next season isn’t the time if Melvin isn’t ready to leave the team.