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FOCO releases new Padres friendship bracelets

Click the link in this article to get yours now!

FOCO just released some great San Diego Padres themed friendship bracelets! These matching friendship bracelets have a Padres-colored design, which makes them the perfect way to show your support for the Friars and get in on the latest accessory craze.

Every bead bracelet design is the perfect addition to your outfit, whether you’re heading to the game, watching at home, or just hanging out with friends. With thematic word displays and Padres-specific accents, you can focus on cheering the team to victory on gamedays and celebrating a victory on off days. With a trio of bracelet designs to choose from in each three-pack, you’ll always know how to make friendship bracelets a part of your fit.

FOCO has a couple options for you: a Padres three-pack or a Manny Machado/Fernando Tatis Jr. three pack!

Get yours by clicking this link!