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Why should the Padres be buyers at the trade deadline?

Peter Seidler and AJ Preller have to realize this team isn’t going where they hoped they would

MLB: General Manager’s Meetings Lucas Peltier-USA TODAY Sports

San Diego Padres fans love Peter Seidler. He has spent more than any other owner in franchise history to try to put a World Series roster on the field. But one flaw he might have is that he’s too optimistic.

Optimism is great but only in some situations. And the Padres are not in a situation where optimism should be had. Optimism was for the beginning of the season when there was time for the roster to turn things around.

But now we’re 94 games in and the record (44-50) says who the Padres are: a not so great baseball team.

Seidler told Kevin Acee earlier this month he’s “on the train that says we’re gonna catch up.” That was on July 1 when San Diego was seven games under .500. Fast forward 16 days and they’re in essentially the same spot (six games under .500). Translation: no signs of catching up. I’d be curious to hear if he’s still on that train.

The Padres have not once played consistent winning baseball this season. Some might say ‘what about the 5-1 stretch before the All-Star break?’ Well, that was just them teasing the fan base because they then went to Philadelphia and dropped three out of four over the weekend when they should’ve won three out of four.

The Friars have lost series against to Kansas City Royals, Pittsburgh Pirates and Washington Nationals. They’re winless in extra inning games (0-9) and have 29 losses in games decided by two runs or one run.

Can’t Seidler and Preller see that their team doesn’t deserve to be buyers? Can’t they see that their chances of winning next year can be improved by trading Josh Hader and Blake Snell—two guys that likely aren’t returning in free agency?

Buying shouldn’t be on the table the way the Padres are playing but the scary thing is it might be with the people running this organization.