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You think it can’t get worse but then it does

The Padres just lost to a team who had one win in 13 games

San Diego Padres v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Sunday felt like the low point of the San Diego Padres season...until today happened. Losing two in a row to the Washington Nationals was bad because they’re the worst team in the National League if you look at the win totals.

But losing to the Pittsburgh Pirates tonight is probably worse because it’s coming off two losses in a row at home to a bad team and the Pirates entered today playing worse than Washington was playing when they started that series in San Diego.

Pittsburgh was 1-12 in their last 13 games entering tonight. The Nationals were 3-10 entering last Friday.

Yes, Yu Darvish wasn’t starting like he was expected to but the pitching staff still allowed nine runs on 16 hits and two walks. Austin Hedges reached base not one, not two, not three but four times.

The offense wasn’t terrible with runners in scoring position (4-for-9) but there were still moments tonight that were maddening.

Right out of the gate, Ha-Seong Kim singles to put a runner on. However, Fernando Tatis Jr. grounded into what would be his first of two double plays on the night. In the top of the second, Tatis popped up a 3-0 pitch to end the inning with a couple runners on base.

In the third, Xander Bogaerts grounded into a double play with Juan Soto on base to end the inning. In the sixth, Trent Grisham came up with the game-tying run at the plate and grounded out to Hill. That was the last real chance the offense had at getting back into the game.

The Pirates had five innings where they got at least two hits. The Padres had just two.

This team can’t be taken seriously until they get a few games over .500 and even if that happens, should we believe in them based on how they’ve played in the first 79 games? Probably not.

Whenever it feels like the Padres are at rock bottom, they prove us wrong.