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Padres Fan Survey Results: Should Padres give Josh Hader $100+ million?

The fan base aren’t huge fans of giving their closer a huge contract

Cleveland Guardians v San Diego Padres Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

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Earlier this week Padres fans were given the chance to vote on if they think the Padres should give Josh Hader $100 million or more to make sure he stays in San Diego. The results are in!

This isn’t a surprising result considering how underwhelming this team has been even with Hader pitching like the All-Star closer that he is. If the team isn’t scoring enough to get him the ball in the ninth consistently then what’s the point of giving him a huge contract?

Also if we’re looking just at Hader’s recent history, it would tell the Padres to not give him the money either. Nothing against Hader’s individual stats when on the mound—he’s great—but he doesn’t pitch more than an inning at a time and doesn’t pitch three straight days in a row.

I’m sorry but the Padres can spend $100 million elsewhere on multiple players that will contribute to the team on the field more consistently than this one guy at a position where A.J. Preller has demonstrated he can find replacements year in, year out.

In 2016, Preller had Fernando Rodney. Then Brad Hand in 2017 and 2018. Then Kirby Yates in 2019. Then Trevor Rosenthal before the trade deadline in 2020. Then Mark Melancon in 2021. And of course then Taylor Rogers and Josh Hader in 2022.

Of course Padres fans would love to have Hader here long term but at that price tag? No thanks.

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