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Padres’ Fernando Tatis Jr. Will DH Tomorrow

Manager Bob Melvin told the media today Tatis’ return will come tomorrow in Scottsdale

Seattle Mariners v San Diego Padres Photo by Matt Thomas/San Diego Padres/Getty Images

The San Diego Padres haven’t had Fernando Tatis Jr.’s bat in the lineup since the end of the 2021 season. That streak will end tomorrow, as the 24-year-old is scheduled to be the designated hitter for San Diego’s Spring Training matchup in Scottsdale, Arizona against the San Francisco Giants.

Although this is just a Spring Training game, Padres fans have been waiting for Tatis’ return ever since his wrist surgery was announced last Spring Training. We waited until the summer when it looked like he was going to come back after finishing his rehab games but then the PED suspension came, which forced him to sit on the couch for the remainder of the season and postseason (plus 20 more once the season begins).

Tatis is scheduled to officially return on April 21 (assuming he’s healthy and there aren’t any postponements in the first 20 games). It will be interesting to see how he looks coming off a shoulder surgery and two wrist surgeries.

Tuesday’s game begins at 12:05 pm PT. Unfortunately it is not scheduled to be on television.