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Don’t get frustrated with A.J. Preller saying a lot without saying much at the Winter Meetings

Preller is addressing the media this week but don’t expect him to say much

MLB: Winter Meetings Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

I’m already seeing some San Diego Padres fans getting frustrated with A.J. Preller not saying much when talking to the media at the MLB Winter Meetings in Nashville. Don’t waste your energy on that though because it’s part of his job to say a lot of words without really saying much at all.

“We listen to anything in terms of what we need to do to get our team better,” Preller said on Monday to reporters (including A.J. Cassavell) on the latest about a potential Juan Soto trade. “No real update. Nothing really new today on [the Soto] front. Still kind of going through a bunch of different paths and a bunch of different ways we can go with this as we try to build a roster and get better for next year.”

Could he be telling the truth about there not being an update? Sure. It seems like what he’s saying is actually true right now based on there not being much action from reporters today about these Soto talks.

But even if there was progress being made, it’s not like he’s going to go tell the media that with a camera in his face. Telling the media anything about Soto trade talks or really any moves they could make doesn’t do the Padres any good.

Later in his media availability today, Preller was asked if there’s a possibility Soto could be the Padres left fielder next season. “A hundred percent,” he said. “That’s a very attractive option for us. Juan hitting in the two or three hole Opening Day.”

Do we expect him to say ‘No, there’s no shot. We’re 100% trading him’? Of course not because then teams calling will know they’re trading him so therefore he’d lose any leverage he has.

On High Heat, Preller claimed San Diego won’t pull the trigger if it isn’t the right deal.

“The biggest hole and need for us is in the rotation with some of the free agents questions that we have so we’ll look at that. That doesn’t necessarily mean one player one deal that we’re gonna line up that way from a need standpoint,” Preller told Christopher Russo. “But it’s really—any of the deals we talk about—can we get the value that we feel like we [need to] get to. If we get to that point, then we’ll look to make a trade and if not, we won’t make a deal just based on need.”

This was another one of his ‘duh of course he’s going to say that’ answers today. He wants other teams to feel like they have to give the Padres their absolute best package. If he were to say ‘we’re trading him’ then teams will be able to have the leverage over San Diego.

Some fans probably stopped putting much stock into what Preller said a while ago but if you haven’t you should start—at least for this week—because he’s not going to tell us his plans other than the obvious positional needs. It doesn’t do him any good.