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Erik Greupner’s comments about Padres lack of spending isn’t making Padres fans happy

Greupner seems to be wanting Padres fans to be grateful for what they have and not be disappointed with what has transpired recently

Los Angeles Angels v San Diego Padres Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

We haven’t actually heard from San Diego Padres interim control person Eric Kutsenda but CEO Erik Greupner spoke to Bryce Miller today and some fans weren’t too happy with his comments.

Does Greupner make some solid points about how the Padres are in a better situation than they were years ago when there was no Manny Machado on the team? Of course. But to sort of just look past the last three years—which included an epic collapse and the most disappointing season in franchise history—and compare the current payroll to years like 2017 wasn’t the right approach.

Fans are seeing their season ticket prices continue to increase while the payroll is going down so it’s understandable to see them get irritated when the CEO is essentially saying ‘hey, it could be worse’.

Just one person’s opinion but saying ‘We feel like we have a great core group of players and we’ll be prepared to spend when we think it makes sense’ would’ve probably been better.