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Padres Chairman Peter Seidler Passes Away

Seidler was 63 and passed away in San Diego

Texas Rangers v San Diego Padres Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

The San Diego Padres announced today that Peter Seidler has passed away.

CEO Erik Greupner released the following statement: “The Padres organization mourns the passing of our beloved Chairman and owner, Peter Seidler. Today, our love and prayers encircle Peter’s family as they grieve the loss of an extraordinary husband, father, son, brother, uncle, and friend. Peter was a kind and generous man who was devoted to his wife, children, and extended family. He also consistently exhibited heartfelt compassion for others, especially those less fortunate. His impact on the city of San Diego and the baseball world will be felt for generations. His generous spirit is now firmly embedded in the fabric of the Padres. Although he was our Chairman and owner, Peter was at his core a Padres fan. He will be dearly missed.”

Mr. Seidler cared about the city, the fans and the organization so much. He wanted this team to win and he showed it with how much he was willing to invest in the major league product. He wanted this city to experience something they had never experienced before. And for that, Peter, thank you so much.

You deserve to rest in absolute peace.