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Report: Bob Melvin and A.J. Preller expected to return

Padres officials did not make comments to Kevin Acee Tuesday

San Diego Padres v San Francisco Giants Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

There was a statement released by the San Diego Padres on behalf of Peter Seidler yesterday morning that had a lot of fans wondering what the future of A.J. Preller and Bob Melvin was going to look like. Perhaps we have a little bit of an answer.

Kevin Acee reported Tuesday that manager Bob Melvin and A.J. Preller are likely to return in 2024:

Preller conducting business like normal makes it seem like he’ll return and perhaps he and Melvin were able to work things out at the Monday meeting.

Seidler wanted both to return so he should be happy about the direction it seems like things are going here. There hasn’t been any official announcement or press conference scheduled and we may not hear anything official until Friday because Major League Baseball doesn’t like it when teams announce hirings and firings on the days postseason games are played.

Do you think it’s the right move to keep Preller and Melvin together?