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Bob Melvin wanted to be the Giants skipper—not the Padres

He admitted it during his press conference today...

Bob Melvin was introduced officially as the San Francisco Giants next manager today and he made himself look pretty bad. Padres fans might be booing him when he comes to San Diego at the beginning of next season.

The former San Diego manager admitted he was hoping he’d manage the NL West rival while he was with the Padres.

When asked by a reporter if he one day imagined himself being back with the Giants, Melvin revealed he would think about it every time he came to Oracle Park.

“At least once every time I was here,” Melvin said. “Probably every series I would look in that dugout, look over to the other side and say ‘you know maybe some day hopefully’. Typically I run the stairs the first day of the series so it gave me time to you know look around and look out at McCovey Cove...”

“There were always times here—you know I can admit that now—that I was hoping at some point in time I’d come back.”

Padres fans and Padres players are NOT going to be happy hearing this. It was already bad enough there were players admitting they gave up during games this past season. Now it turns out the manager wasn’t totally committed to the Padres. Awesome!