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AJ Preller owes Padres fans an explanation

Preller told the media weeks ago Melvin would be back but now he’s in the Bay Area...

Arizona Diamondbacks v San Diego Padres Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

So what happened AJ? You said Bob Melvin was going to be the San Diego Padres manager going forward. I guess he meant going forward for two weeks because Melvin is now the San Francisco Giants manager.

A big lie by the President of Baseball Operations and General Manager of the Padres. Us fans deserve better. We deserve an explanation. And it seems like we will get one (or maybe just some dancing around questions) at 12 pm today when he speaks to the media (of course not in person).

What happened between you two, AJ?

Why did you make reporters look bad by saying you don’t give credibility to their anonymous sources from inside YOUR organization?

Why did you allow Melvin to go speak with a division rival?

Why couldn’t you make it work with one of the best managers in the game?

Why should fans still trust that you’re the right guy to lead the Padres to a World Series championship when you’re about to hire your fourth full-time manager?

Hopefully the media asks these questions to Preller today because we all deserve answers.