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Padres GM AJ Preller is getting what he wants

With Bob Melvin headed to San Francisco to interview with the Giants, Preller can say ‘he didn’t want to be here’

Arizona Diamondbacks v San Diego Padres Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

News broke yesterday that San Diego Padres manager Bob Melvin is allowed to speak with the San Francisco Giants. Why would San Diego allow one of the best managers in the game to go speak with a division rival? Because AJ Preller gets what he wants.

Preller and Melvin don’t agree on many things. That has been well documented by members of the media. Do you think Preller actually wanted Melvin to be his manager in 2024 when he said Bob was coming back in his video press conference with the media in early October?

Of course not. Seidler was the one who wanted Preller to make it work with Melvin.

Now Preller can play it off to the fan base like Melvin’s the bad guy. ‘Don’t blame me. I didn’t fire him. Bob didn’t want to be here’ is what Preller can tell everyone now. He can also tell that to Padres chairman Peter Seidler, who will be allowing him to hire another manager after making the wrong hire the first two times and then screwing up his relationship with the hire he actually got right.

Hopefully Preller is happy now. He can go promote Ryan Flaherty or Mike Schildt. Better hope that works though or else this may finally make Seidler tell Preller to pack his bags.