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Peter Seidler releases statement following Padres season

This statement left Padres fans wondering what’s next

Texas Rangers v San Diego Padres Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

San Diego Padres chairman Peter Seidler released the following statement this morning:

After reading this multiple times I’m left confused. Seidler says he fully supports his current leadership team but then says the Padres are going to make the necessary changes to be a championship caliber team in 2024. So do the changes have to do with roster construction or with Bob Melvin and A.J. Preller?

Who’s a part of the leadership team? Is Melvin included in that?

If the current leadership team has his full support, does that assure us that Preller is staying?

While I appreciate Seidler putting something out there and saying the team fell short of their goal, this statement didn’t give fans much clarity on what is going to happen with Melvin and Preller (mostly Melvin).

There’s supposed to be a big meeting today at Petco Park to go though what went wrong and see if Melvin and Preller can go forward with each other in 2024 so perhaps we’ll here something else about this sometime this week.