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Padres can’t let Bob Melvin get away to the San Francisco Giants

Remember the last time a respected Padres manager went to the Giants?

St. Louis Cardinals v San Diego Padres Photo by Matt Thomas/San Diego Padres/Getty Images

Following the 2006 season, then San Diego Padres CEO Sandy Alderson wanted a younger manager to lead the club so he allowed some guy named Bruce Bochy to interview for the San Francisco Giants opening. That fella ended up continuing to be a pretty good manager, winning two NL West titles and three World Series championships in his 13 seasons with the Giants after winning four NL West titles and an NL pennant in San Diego.

Fast forward to 2023 and the San Diego Padres may again choose to go younger and there happens to be a managerial opening in San Francisco. This can’t happen again with Bob Melvin.

Does the Padres organization forget that Melvin was good enough to manage them farther than any manager has since Bochy in his very first season in San Diego? But now he’s not good enough and forgot how to effectively manage?

I get that Melvin and Preller don’t have the best relationship but you cannot convince me that whoever comes in after Melvin is a better option in the dugout. Tim Kawakami, a San Francisco writer for The Athletic, wrote the day before Gabe Kapler was fired about how Melvin would be a great choice for the Giants if he was made available.

Shouldn’t Padres management take this as a hint to not get rid of their respected skipper?

If Melvin heads back to the Bay Area and works with Farhan Zaidi, who he knows from their days together with the Oakland A’s, you’d think their organization will only keep improving (and they’ve got money to spend). The Padres direction meanwhile would be a question mark, especially if they went with their third rookie manager in their last four hires.

It’s time to win now in San Diego and Melvin is the best guy for that.